Happy New Year!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ at Unity Baptist Church Millington,

Happy New Year!  We pray that each of you will be continually blessed in 2018.

In 2017, we wept with families that lost loved ones and celebrated with families welcoming small bundles of joy into their homes. Louis was able to instruct Indonesian preachers in biblical exposition and, joined by Mark and Israel, assist at the medical clinics. Many of us participated in the two Mercy Day opportunities, reaching out to Millington’s neediest families providing essential items for home and personal use or served with the Kairos ministry, sharing Christ and good food with the men incarcerated at the West TN Penitentiary. Others participated in the Operation Christmas Child shoe box work at Faith Baptist Bartlett or sang Christ carols for the lovely residents of Culpepper Place. The year also included the installment of a new Deacon (Oscar Hoyle) and the training and installment of a new Elder (Mike Cuppett).

The Elders shared a few months ago the ministries currently being supported corporately – Indonesia, Kairos, and Mercy Day, and shared that you – the saints – should feel free to start or support other ministries, with only two caveats:  1) if you need funding, talk with the Deacons to see if the budget can support the opportunity; 2) if you are concerned with a ministry’s alignment with our beliefs, speak with the Elders. Otherwise, be the hands and feet for our Lord Jesus Christ, and please be sure to share the Kingdom impact with the congregation. We can all share more during the annual meeting, which should occur in January or early February.

Finally, we encourage consistent participation in the worship services, small groups, and Sunday school. Thanks to many of our faithful Sisters, the Sunday school for our children is active again and the nursery is available. Please invite people to church, small groups, and Sunday school. As His sovereign plan rolls on, we are humbled to be His adopted children, welcomed home by the Father, saved through the Son’s sacrifice, and sealed for eternity by the Holy Spirit. We have each been given the necessary faith and skills to live strong and faithfully in His light. We can further glorify Him by witnessing to the world.

Serving faithfully for His glory,


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