2018 3rd Quarter Update

Hello Church Family,

Q3 was a tough period for us as a church body. Since this update will be emailed to members and non-members, and posted as a blog on our website, no specifics will be mentioned. Knowing that the enemy attacks only where God’s Word is faithfully preached and the people are doing Kingdom work, we each must remain watchful and steadfast as we go about our sojourning days, so to not fall prey to worldliness and false teaching. Providentially, God’s grace and Word provided the wisdom and instruction needed for the Elders, Deacons, and the body to biblically confront the situation. There is more to be done, let’s have confidence in God’s mercy and grace. Members, please continue to pray for the specific issue; non-members, please pray for the church body and leaders. We trust God’s plan and know that He is sovereign.

Deacon sponsored projects and statuses, year-to-date:

  • Install water filtration system – COMPLETED
  • Update and repaint Highway 51 church sign – COMPLETED
  • Build, install, and paint new church sign at driveway entrance – COMPLETED
  • Replant and mulch flower beds, change grading for improved water drainage – COMPLETED
  • Purchase AED (automated external defibrillator) – COMPLETED
  • Septic repair – COMPLETED (added since Q2 update)
  • Refresh supplies for the “jump” or “go” medical bag – PLANNING
  • Power wash outside of building – PLANNING

Information about projects and volunteer involvement will be communicated as needed.

Expositing God’s Word

Expositing Genesis has come to an end, after bearing much fruit in helping the congregation understand the Creation story, man’s fall into sin, the promise of the seed (Jesus Christ), and the inspirations and desperations of the early patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

In the “gap” between expositing Genesis and starting the next book, two topical sermons were delivered. The first covering the Gospel and Evangelism, the second a historical message on Augustine:  his life, his sins, his conversion, and his biblical insights that were leaned on during the Protestant Reformation and still today.

Now, we have started to exposit 1 Peter, with 2 Peter to follow. According to the shared planning document, these books should keep us busy for at least 31 weeks. Yes, students will be graduating or finishing the school year around the same time.

Kairos Prison Ministry

Louis was on the inside team.  He reports that this particular weekend was as good a Kairos weekend as he’s ever witnessed. He got to do quite a bit of private counseling with inmates, including leading one inmate to a decision for the Lord.  Many folks worked the outside kitchen team, delivering hearty, delicious meals for the inside team and residents. Our Kairos Prison Ministry continues to bear much good fruit.

Visit the Kairos Ministry page on the website for pictures and more information about Kairos.

New Members

We were very happy to welcome Kellon, Jenna, & Isaiah Edwards as members of our church family this past quarter.  We’re glad to have them & we’re excited to see the ways they’ll contribute to our body. Check out the family picture the website blog.

Sunday School

The Elders temporarily suspended this class to determine how to increase attendance by better meeting the spiritual growth needs of the congregation. Please pray about your participation, or lack thereof, and which topics would increase your understanding of the scriptures, advance your sanctification, and most importantly, deepen your relationship with Christ, our Lord and Savior. Please contact an Elder to share your thoughts.

Building Décor

Several ladies took the initiative to “warm up” the Sunday school room by re-arranging and de-cluttering, and using the sliding wall to block the view of the chairs and other items stored at one end of the room. The curtains were replaced, and a book shelf and service table for coffee and tea were setup for use by the Women’s Bible Study. A scripture verse and cross were place on one section of the wall. Don’t be surprised if other rooms, and possibly the sanctuary, receive the same TLC.

Women’s Bible Study

The fall Women’s Bible study of Hebrews – Part 1 is underway.


The planned professional development for the Elders during the fall “semester” includes reading and discussing two books by author Steven J. Lawson:  The Expository Genius of John Calvin and The Passionate Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

The Elders completed reading and discussing Jay E. Adams’ book Competent to Counsel earlier this year during the spring “semester”.

Do you ever ask yourself, “What can I improve in, or remove from, my life over the next six months to improve my spiritual walk?” Or, “Have I fallen into bad habits that dim the light I could be for Christ?” Living a Christian life is difficult and will be far from perfect until we are with Christ, but shouldn’t we at least do the best we can each day? Never stop:  praying, seeking God and His will for your life, reading scripture, or ministering to others.

Serving as under-shepherds to Christ,

The Elders

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