2018 1st Quarter Update

Hello Church Family,

We are experiencing God’s providence firsthand, and this bounty of blessings carries us humbly and confidently to God’s holy throne to worship and glorify Him many times each week, whenever the church body meets together. Ministries, Bible studies, prayer groups, Sunday school, small groups and other fellowships – all executed in obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ – are igniting a new sense of assurance in our faith and our responsibilities as brothers and sisters in Christ. Glorifying God in worship is sweeter when we know we are in the midst of His will and grace. Let’s pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to guide our decisions, our ongoing obedience, and our gratefulness for Christ’s sacrifice.

The Kairos weekend brought the gospel to men, some of whom are unlikely to ever live free outside of prison walls, but men who may live free in Jesus. God gives us the opportunity to engage in His work, planting and watering, believing that He will harvest in His will. The ladies’ tea, Bible study, and Sunday morning prayer time show us all that faithfulness leads to fruitfulness. Max Lucado described prayer, “Our prayers may be awkward. Our attempts may be feeble. But since the power of prayer is in the One who hears it and not in the one who says it, our prayers do make a difference.” The children’s Sunday school hour continues to develop, led by a rotating team of ladies desiring to give our children a foundation upon which each child can begin to absorb the message of the gospel. Recently, a men’s Bible study began with men stepping up to learn more about leadership from a biblical perspective. Satan works very hard to keep men from fulfilling the biblical mandate of being leaders in their homes, communities, and church. Unity has many men serving faithfully, and now has the opportunity to expand the impact by having more men lead according to the Lord’s will, while building disciples ready to be godly leaders for the next generation.

A few weeks ago, the Elders granted Elder Sabbatical to Mark Driver. Mark was a founding member of Centerpoint Church & has served as an Elder since the Centerpoint Elders were first constituted. Mark will be enjoying some well-deserved time off. In spite of his sabbatical, Mark will continue to lead the new small group that meets at his home.

As the first quarter of 2018 was coming to an end, celebrating Maundy Thursday reminded us of Christ’s final Passover meal with His disciples, hours before His arrest. Now, passing into the second quarter, day one was the celebration of Jesus’s resurrection, defeating sin and death! We hope all of you had a blessed Easter weekend and resurrection celebration! He is risen! Most of you just said to yourself, “He is risen indeed!”

Here are a few 2018 2nd quarter spoilers to consider:

Mercy Day is scheduled for Sunday, April 22nd, weather permitting. The “pool table” room has marked collection bins for clothing and smaller items. For larger items, such as furniture, please arrange with John Baertels to put larger items into the church’s off-site storage.

The next Women’s Bible study is planned for early June; more information will be provided closer to the start date.

Louis currently has the opportunity to return to Indonesia in late June. He will be continuing his work to train indigenous pastors on multiple Indonesian islands.

Regarding the Sunday School hour, after the Sunday morning men’s Bible study concludes, we’ll start another DVD series; more information to come.

As in all churches, we too have brothers and sisters, or family members, struggling in relationships, with addictions, financial worries, health concerns, and many other situations that need devoted prayer, a willingness to listen, or in some cases, loving hands-on assistance. Get to know the people of Christ’s body, so that we can help each other function as He intended.

Serving as under-shepherds to Christ,

The Elders

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